SuccessCE from Start to Finish

Insurance Continuing Education, CFP CE, CLU/ChFC CE

Step 1: Register (new members)
  Go to the SuccessCE Home Page at

Click on “Become a member”. (Fill out & Submit registration form.)

Make sure to remember the E-mail Address & Password. (To Log into Your Account)

*** Note: Once you have completed your registration, the system will automatically Log you in. ***

Step 2: Login (existing members)
  Go to the SuccessCE Home Page at

In the “Returning Member Login” section on the left:
Enter the E-mail Address & Password, then click the “Login” button.

If you don’t remember your password, click on “Retrieve password” (under the Login button), to have your password E-mail to you.

Step 3: Purchase Course(s)
  Once you are logged into your Account. (Account Information):
Click on “Purchase Courses” or “Purchase Unlimited Success Package

Select your State, and pick your License Type/Category, to view a list of available courses.

Select the course(s) you wish to take, and then click on the “Check Out” button to go to the "Shopping Cart" page. 

Review your order for any changes or corrections, and click on the “Continue” button to finish your order.

Finally, return to your “Account Information” page to read over the textbook materials, or begin your exam.

Step 4: Opening Course Material
  Once you are logged into your Account. (Account Information):
You will see the course(s) you have selected at the top of your “Account Information” page.

To the Right of the Course Name, will be a grey button “Open Book” . (This is the textbook material related to the course exam.)

Step 5: Taking the Exam
  Once you are ready to take the exam:
Under the Course Name will be 2 grey buttons “Start Test” and “Print Test”.
(The “Start Test” button is for the Online Exam.)
(The “Print Test” button is to Print the Exam on Paper.)

*** If the Student is in a Monitored State, the Monitor’s Form will pop-up in front of the exam (Online or Printed), and the form needs to be filled out by the Monitor before the Student proceeds. ***

Step 6
  A: Completing the Exam Online
After completely answering all the online test questions, the system will ask you if you want to:
  - Change Answers
  - Grade Course/Exam
  - Return to Account Information

A passing score is 70% or better.

If you Grade Course/Exam and Pass, the system will want you to verify your Account Information before proceeding. Then you can return to the Account Information Screen, where you will see that the course you have completed will turn bright green, and there will be a “Print Certificate” button under the course name.

*** Some States will require us to mail an Original Certificate to the Student. For those States, the Student will not be able to print the Certificate online. It will be mailed to you within 3 to 5 business days ***

If you Grade Course/Exam and Fail, the system will let you know that you have unfortunately failed the exam. Then you can return to the Account Information Screen, where you will see the course you had just completed turn red, and there will be a Re-Start Test button.

B: Completing Printed Exams
After you have answered the Exam Questions on paper, you will then fax the Answer Sheet, and Monitor Form (if needed) to: (888) 409-7787.
Once we have received all the forms, we will grade your test by the next business day.

If the Student Passes, we will submit the answers onto the Student’s Account online, allowing the student to login and print out their Certificate of Completion online (if applicable).

If the Student Fails, we will call them immediately, and let them know to re-take the Exam.

Step 7: Reporting
  After the test is completed, and the Student has passed, please allow us 3 to 5 business days to have the Course Completion reported to the State DOI.

*** If the Student has selected “Rapid Reporting”, for $25.00 (per order). We will then have the Course Completion reported to the State DOI, by the next business day or, If the State requires us to mail the Original Certificate to the Student, we will ship the Certificate of Completion by Ground Mail the next business day.  If overnight or second day delivery is needed please call us at (949) 706-9453 for shipping and handling costs. ***

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